Heavy Metal

Last year I missed download festival and settled with Bloodstock only.This year for the first time I’ll see Download.

Download Ticket

Only 1 week is left and the wait is quite exciting. I think this year’s line-up is great as well and I’ll get to see many bands I haven’t seen before.


Tickets for download festival are definitely not cheap! £195 Considering a Wacken ticket costs €120 and a Bloodstock £132. If it’s worth the price remains to be seen.


This year I decided to buy a larger tent and a thicker sleeping bag as I’m going to use them in 2 festivals. I hope they endure both of them. I’ll post my experiences after the festivals as well. Here are the ones I picked:

This year I’ll buy a sunscreen but not sure about the rain boots. Maybe I should to be on the safe side but just don’t want to carry a lot of stuff around. And this year I’m not taking my camera. That bulky thing is only trouble. I will rely on my Galaxy S3 this year. After all, full concerts can be found on the internet along with a ton of photos. So it’s a not a big deal anyway.


The three headliners are Slipknot, Iron Maiden and Rammstein. I have seen Maiden and Rammstein before Slipknot will be my first Slipknot show. Looking forward to it. There are many hard rock / nu metal bands in the line-up. Korn, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, 3 Doors Down are some of them.

One band I noticed is Jason Nested’s band Newsted. They are about to release their debut album and it’d be nice to see Jason Newsted on the stage for the first time in my life. There are many bands to discover and some old friends(!) like Amon Amarth and Volbeat who I will definitely see.

I’ll post my impressions after the festival.



I’m not much of a gamer but recently discovered this game and likes it quite a lot. Not surprising to me of course given that I like everything about The Simpsons. Actually the game is very simple and lack of challenge so if it wasn’t about The Simpsons there wouldn’t be any compelling reason for me to keep playing.

The story is Springfield explodes because of a failure in the nuclear power plant (not surprisingly caused by Homer). The game starts with Homer and Lisa trying to rebuild new Springfield. You unlock characters as you complete tasks. You build houses and collect taxes to buy more items to decorate the town. Here’s what my Springfield looks like:

Simpsons Tapped Out

Simpsons Tapped Out

I like the fact that you can just assign the tasks to the characters and after 8 or 12 hours you tapped them to collect the money and experience points (required to pass levels) they earned. So you don’t have to play it constantly.

There are lots of premium items available but I found the pricing too expensive so I’m just playing it for free. For example you can buy 300 donuts for £14 and for that amount of donuts you can only buy a few premium characters (Otto and Professor Frink for instance). I think for that money you should be able to buy everything in that game. Still I’m happy with the free Springfield I built.



Focusing on tasks and getting them done is crucial. This simple fact is so easy to comprehend it’s a no brainer. But the reality is it’s much harder to accomplish than it sounds like. To organize my tasks I’ve been seeking methods for a long time. My favourite approach is J.D. Meier’s system which he describes in his book Getting Results the Agile Way (http://gettingresults.com). It’s freely available on this site. You can also purchase a hard-copy here.

The key of this system is choosing 3 most important tasks every day. This is very simple and easy to apply to real life. Another important aspect is 3 weekly goals. These are of course more complex tasks than the daily ones. Also an important point is reviewing the progress on Fridays. He calls this pattern Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes and Friday Reflection. This approach is very effective and realistic. The key to succeed with this system is being realistic. Know your limitations and don’t stuff your lists with everything you want to get done. It’s impossible to complete everything at once. If you pick 3 and actually get them done you feel better about yourself as the progress would be visible.

I also recommend an excellent episode of Hanselminutes which can be found here. That episode introduced me to Pomodoro technique which is a simple and effective way to boost performance and focus. The idea is dividing your tasks into small work units called Pomodoros which are 25 minutes (This is the default value. You can change it to your preference). During this 25 minutes you sever all your ties with the outside world (no email, no twitter, no nothing!) and focus on one task only. As focus-impaired people like me would know this is not very easy to do. I tried setting it an hour hoping that I’d get a big task done without any disruptions but ended up with getting lost along the way. So I believe the default value is quite realistic. After you complete the Pomodoro, you have a 5 minute break. I try to consider tasks in terms of Pomodoros. It helps me planning my daily outcomes too.