Last week I posted my LEGO Store experience and my intention to build a Harley Davidson model.

In this post I’m happy to publish the fully built model.

The build took quite a bit of time but the instruction manual is great so apart from a few cases it went well. Also the YouTube video in the resources section shows building the model in runtime. That’s very handy too when you cannot quite figure out how to build or connect a specific part.

And some more photos in exhibit-mode:



I love Lego and decided to pay a visit to Lego Shop at Leicester Square.

I went there at around 6pm on a Saturday evening and the place was packed! So much so that it looked like a night club as there was a long queue in front of it. The only difference was almost all the couples have children with them! After waiting about 15 minutes in the queue I got in!

The store has 2 floors. The upper floors is larger and has more to see. But it also has a huge Big Ben made out of Lego blocks which on its own is something worth seeing.

The only disappointing part was there was nothing Mindstorms-related. There were Lego Technic models but nothing robotic.

The most adult model I could find in the store was this Harley Davidson:

I’ll post the final version after I build it completely.


Overall I enjoyed my visit. I don’t see myself going too often as there are only a few more models that peaked my interest. Other than those the stuff in the store is mostly geared towards children. Too bad they don’t have any Lego Mindstorms.


I first set foot in the UK in October 2010, 9 years ago around this time.

It was a 10 day trip and I’ve been recently trying to remember the memories from that trip. I didn’t have a habit of blogging back then so this might be a good time to put those memories in record. Better late than never!

I may need to revise and update this. I’ll just put whatever I can remember for the time being.

October 2010


My first trip was about 10 days and I stayed in this hostel.

It was generally quite good so much so that I stayed in the same one in April 2011 for a few days until I found a place to rent.

Stables Market

While walking around in Camden Town I stumbled across this place and looked very interesting.

Almost by chance I bumbed into this place. Back then I didn’t know Camden was the craziest part of London. I’m planning another visit soon.


I went to 2 concerts during this trip: Motorhead in Manchester and Devildriver in London:

I’m glad I was able to catch a rock legend Motorhead live during this time. Devildriver was also quite energetic and fun.


I remember having a nice meal of Fish & Chips here after a long day of walking:

The view of Blackfriars Bridge and Thames is great and I will soon pay another visit.

April 2011

Pentland House

I initially stayed in YHA hostel like I did it in the previous trip. After a few days I rented a room in Pentland House which is also a hostel now!

Exploring the neightbourhood

My first night in Pentland House, I went out to explore the neighbourhood. I remember walking all the way to Catford and being impressed by the Cat statue in Catford.

Ronin 47 from Blockbuster

I remember on my way back I stopped by Blockbuster and bought Ronin 47 DVD for £5 and watched it in a 12.1” laptop.