The doors opened at 5:30 and I was among the early ones. I entered the arena and I was on the 2nd row which is very close to the stage but that was just temporary. As time passed the crowd got wilder and it quickly proved to be hard to stay in that area and try to watch the show so I moved back after Anthrax.



After a slightly long and repetitive introduction, at around 18:10, they took the stage. Over the years I nejoyed a few of their songs but never been a huge fan. It was nice to watch them from the 2nd row though


I think Anthrax has always been one of the leading bands in Thrash Metal. Probably a bit underrated though. Their performance was great. They started with Pantera’s Cowbows From Hell and intro to rule up the crowd. And it worked. Big time! It didn’t take too long for the first mosh pit to form! Overall they proved once again they are great at what they do.

Lamb of God

Lamb of God is definitely one of my favourite heavy metal bands but their performance didn’t impress too much. Randy seemed to be a bit sarcastic when he asked questions like “You know why we are all here, don’t you?”

They started with Omerta and continued with their classics and the crowd went wild. But in the middle when they started playing from their newer albums it cooled down a bit. They finished with Redneck as usual.


Their show was the most impressive Slayer show I’ve ever seen. Even the way they took the stage was quite a show:

Slayer was Slayer as usual. They played all the classics. Tom didn’t interact with the crowd too much. They don’t need to rile people up anyway being Slayer and all!


Earlier this year Slayer announced they were retiring. Slayer is probably the most ‘metal’ band ever. I have seen them 4-5 times throughout the years and as soon as I heard that announcement in July I went to check the tour dates and a possible gig in London. In fact there was a gig in London but I was too late to secure a ticket. Since it was already sold out months ago, I decided to seek my chance elsewhere and bought a ticket for the Newcastle gig. I thought this would give me a last chance to bid Slayer farewell and explore Newcastle in the process.

Trip to Newcastle upon Tyne

A booked my ticket from Virgin Trains. The journey was from London King’s Cross to Newcastle Central Station which took a bit over 3 hours because of minor delays.

I don’t remember what I was thinking when I booked the hotel. I didn’t check the exact location of it until I arrived at Newcastle. I was under the impression that I could simply walk to the hotel. But apparently it was about 6KM away. Considering it was around 21:30, cold and rainy it wasn’t a very smart move.

I started walking towards the hotel but the road turned into a highway and my iPhone shut itself down instantly for no reason as it had 70% battery just a few minutes ago. Anyway, I decided to cut my losses and walked back to train station and took a taxi.

Travelodge Gateshead staff was very helpful and friendly throughout the whole stay (which was quite short anyway but still).

Newcastle Impressions


Travelodge I stayed in was 10-minute walk from Metrocentre. According to my taxi driver it is one of the top 10 biggest shopping centres in the entire Europe. Not sure if that information is accurate but it was quite big for sure! Even in early November, Christmas spirit was in the air:

The city

It took a while to figure out how to get to the city centre but finally found the correct bus.

It’s a small town apparently and since I don’t like crowded places I liked the place. I will need to spend more time (maybe plan a full weekend trip just to explore the city) on my next visit to have a more educated opinion.


Well, this trip wasn’t conclusive to have a comprehensive opinion about the city. I only had 4-5 hours before the Slayer concert but I like small towns, I like rivers so it is a good candidate for me to like!

I will plan another tour later to actually visit the city and not just to spend a few hours while waiting for an event.



I’ve always been attracted to drums for some reason. In the past I made some atttempts of getting lessons and practicing at home on a PlayStation with a Rock Band drum kit. But it never took off.

This time I decided to go further in and be more serious. After some research on seemingly endless possiblities of electronic drum kits, I decided to go with Roland TD-1DMK:

I’ll keep posting on my journey if it all goes well. If not, I’ll post the link for the item on eBay!