As usual, I decided to spend my holiday visiting my family in Turkey. This time I decided to take some photos and blog about it.

When I used to live in Turkey, I lived in Kadikoy all my life so this place has always been special to me. Spent some time walking in Fenerbahce, Bahariye, Goztepe and the pier and took a stroll down memory lane.

Kurbagali Dere


Goztepe Park Entry

Goztepe Park

Goztepe Park Fountain

Goztepe Park Aquarium

Goztepe Park

Goztepe Park

Bahariye Mural

Bahariye Mural and Benches

Street to pier



Seagulls flying by the ship

Seagulls flying by the ship

Seagulls flying by the ship

And a few videos of the seagulls accompanying the ship:


I like Regent’s Canal quite a lot so I didn’t want all the other photos I took go to waste. Here’s a few more images that I took at different times over the past few months:


Living in South East London for quite a long time, I wasn’t quite familiar with King’s Cross area. Nowadays I’m travelling here more often and had some chance to take nice pictures.

There are some nice places all around and I will probably post more in the future. For now I just wanted to post some places I enjoyed:

Pancras Square

This is a nice luxurious business square. I guess the most impressive building here is Google’s new London headquarters

and some more pictures of the square:

Granary Square

This is a nice little square with little fountains:

Apparently if you download an app and connect to their WiFi you get to control the fountains but I haven’t tried it myself.

Coals Drop Yard

This shopping center has opened recently and it’s located right next to Granary Square:

Platform 9 3/4

Since it became so famous I wanted to drop by and see the famous platform but wasn’r very impressed by it to be honest. It’s just a simple plague on the wall. I don’t get what the fuss is all about!

Views from a rooftop

And here’s some shots from a terrace in a building in Pancras Square:


I published a post about Regent’s Canal which is adjacent to these places. There’s is more to King’s Cross than these and there’s Camden nearby which is also a very interesting place. I’m hoping to spend some time to travel more areas in this neighbourhood and publish more.