The trip

April 12

Arrived at Oslo at 22:45 local time. I had to wait a bit for the luggage but I was fortunate that mine was one of the first ones that came out of the carousel.

The most important thing at that point, and a great relief, was that my Internet connection was fine so Giffgaff didn’t fail me and the forum thread I posted in the preparations post was correct.

Next step was to get to the city centre. I was prepared for that as I had installed FlyToGet app and entered my card. As I had Internet connectivitiy I was prepared to buy a ticket straight from the app.

I was able to catch 23:30 FlyToGet express train. It’s super-convenient and highly recommended. From baggage claim I just followed the signs for Fly To Get. After I’ve arrived at the gates I purchased the ticket by simply clicking the Buy Ticket option in the app and scanned the QR code.

Waited a bit for the futuristic-looking train above. It was a pleasant ride. Especially I liked that everybody kept quiet. There were signs posted all around to keep it quiet anyway. I don’t know if it;’s the whole train or I just landed on a quiet car but 22 minute ride just flew by.

23:53. Oslo Centre. Time to find the hotel. I hate heavy-travelling with lots of bags. Unfortunately this time I had 2 bags to lug around. After I managed to pull them both with one hand, freeing the other for Google Maps, after a bit trial and error I was able to locate my hotel.

CityBox Oslo

I liked this hotel a lot. It’s quite cheap compared to others and that’s because they mostly automated eveything. It’s open 24 hours. You check-in at the machine in the lobby which prints you your key and an info sheet. There’s no room service or daily cleaning (which I like as I don’t want anyone going into my room anyway). No TV in the rooms (which is also fine in this case as I don’t speak Norwegian!).

Inside the elevator

I think this will be my first preference if I travel to Oslo again.

So after a very long day, I finally checked-in. Just went out for a some snacks and drinks. Then wrapped up the day while watching some pre-loaded videos on my iPad.

It is located close to city centre (approximately 1 km). It’s also surrounded by cafes and pubs which also makes it a bit noisy during the Friday night but I was so tired I fell asleep without any issues.

Oslo from my room

So far so good!


Started this post as a place to keep my notes before the Oslo trip. Part 2 will have the actual experiences. I wonder how much of this prep work will prove to be useful! I think I’ll find out soon.


I use GiffGaff in the UK and found in a thread in their forum that I can use it exactly the same way in Norway. As having an Internet connection at all times in a city that I’ve never been before is crucial I hope that really works. Otherwise I’ll have to buy a SIM card first thing in the first morning.


Norway still uses their own currenty (Norwegian Krones). 1 Streling Pound is about 11 Krones. I bought enough Krones in cash from Post Office in case my card doesn’t work in Oslo.


I decided to get a affoardable (a.k.a. cheap) hotel as I don’t plan to spend too much time in the hotel anyway.

Looks like it’s in a central place and it has good reviews so hope it will be fine:

Airport transfer

For airport transfers I found a site called FlyToGet. They also have an iOS app. The idea is to buy a ticket from within the app. Based on the map above it looks very close to my hotel so should be a much better alternative for taxi. I hope I can catch one.


Assuming I made it to Oslo, I had to plan what to do in the city as well. Oslo Pass looks like a great option especially if you haven’t planned out every minute if your trip.

It comes in 24, 48 and 72 hour plans. 72 hour works great for me as that’s the exact duration of my stay.

It comes with an app. Buying the pass and activating it can be all done within the app. It seems it also covers public transportation so one of the first things I’ll do is enable it.

Places to visit

I think once I start exploring the city, finding places to visit shouldn’t be too hard. As a loose guide I found these places to visit:

  • Viking Ship museum
  • National museum
  • Vigeland Sculpture Park
  • Akershus Fortress
  • Munch Museum
  • Royal Palace
  • The Museum of Cultural History
  • Fram Museum
  • Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Museum
  • Oslo Cathedral
  • City Hall (Rådhuset)
  • Aker Brygge
  • Natural History Museum & Botanical Gardens
  • Oslo Opera House and Annual Music Festivals

In addition to these I’ll also look into some comdey clubs (must be in English though), rock bars and some metal concerts. It would be a shame leaving Norway without seeing a death metal show!

Some candidates:

  • Hard Rock Cafe Oslo
  • Revolver rock bar



I left the flat and noticed cute little fellow observing the city from the roof of my building:

I’m not used to see these guys (which I presume is a mallard) so thought it was interesting.