I’ve always been interested in Viking history. When I decided to pick up building models as a hobby I chose the ship below:

Apparently some tools and paints are required as well. I got some but probably missing some colours.

Thi is the before picture. I’ll post when it’s done too. There are nice YouTube videos that show a lot of the steps of building process in detail which I’ve added to References section for future reference.



8 years ago today I moved to the UK. As a small celebration I decided to take the day off and enjoy my old neighbourhood: Lee Green

I think it’s sometimes more interesting to discover the local history then distant lands. Just imagining all those events happenning right where you send centuries ago is just fun. So I took the day off to walk around the neighbourhood.

Greenwich is a short quick walk from Lee and there’s this commerative stone to mark the Greenwich Meridian.

Merhcant Taylor’s Almshouses

This is a nice historical place which I first noticed while I was playing Ingress.

Boone’s Chappel

I never had a chance to visit this place as it’s almost always closed but hopefully one day! It’s built on 1683 and is one of the oldest buildings in the neighbourhood.

Pentland House

My old house which I lived in for 4 years. Now it’s a youth hostel. My room had a park view and I can still my old room from the park.

Manor House Library

Along with Pentland House, one of the oldest buildings in Lewisham.

Manor House Gardens

Behind the library there’s one of most beatufil (and underrated in my opinion) parks in London.

Halycon Books

This is a nice bookshop with a cafe just down the road from my old house. I always used to see it but this is the first time I went in. It’s hard to browse through thousands of books and they are not categorized very well but it was like a littel treasure hunt. I got 2 nice books £2 each so I think it was a bargain.

They have a very nice cafe too and you can outside. It’s quiet and peaceful. It’s a nice affordable option to make a day out of.

The Dacre’s Arms Pub

This is by far my favourite local pub. I posted about it a few years ago too but that didn’t stop me from enjoying a cold one!


8 years down, who knows how many more to go but it’s important to enjoy the days as they go by instead of waiting for some day in the distant future where you can finally rest. So celebrating or not it’s nice to take days off like this and enjoy where you live. It takes no effort to walk down a few minutes.

I’ll post some bits of history of the above places later on after more research. For the time being I’ll just enjoy the scenery and celebrate 8 years spent in the UK!


I’m trying to walk to home a few times a week these days. The other day I noticed this great view on the Blackfriars Bridge.

There are great places in the cities we live in. We just walk by and take them for granted. But it’s nice to stop sometimes and cherish what we have at hand.