The Edge at The Comedy Store


The Comedy Store has shows other than The Best in Stand Up. On Tuesday nights they have The Edge (used to be called The Cutting Edge) which is improvised topical stand-up comedy. I paid a visit this time as it’s been a while since last time I saw this show.

The bill for the night is:

Before the Show

My first observation was it’s completely different than The Best in Stand Up which is generally sold out. Tuesday night it was quite empty

The Show

The Edge is comprised of several games. The first game of the night was called Live or Die. The compere asks a specific part of the audience to pitch in with a piece of news from this year but not in the last 10 days. Then one of the comedians volunteer and take the microphone. They improvise on that topic for a few minutes and the audience shouts Live or Die. The ones that get a louder Live cheer proceed to the second and final round.

The second game is called the The Panel. 3 of the comedians set in a panel setting and Tania Edwards acted as the host and walk around among the audience and took questions.

Before the first half’s end Paul Thorne (who got in charge for the 3rd game) asked for the audience for the recent news and they were all added to the whiteboard. Then all the comedians were assigned a topic to study during the interval.

The second half started with each comedian going over their topics for 2.5 minutes. Stephen Grant won this game. The person who suggested that topic won 2 tickets for West End show.

The last game was The Bus Stop. The idea in that is all the comedians line up. The first one start with a joke and the others continue with a similar subject (which didn’t quite happen). That part was a bit cut short as I think they were running out of time for the show.

After the Show

It ended close to 22:00 similar to their other shows. It was alright in general but as it’s improvisation there’s no way to tell how good it’s gooing to get. Paul Thorne was great as usual but Tania Edwards bombed and didn’t feel comfortable with improvisation. Stephen Grant was also great. The bottom line is you have to pay attention to the line up and make sure the comedians are good at improvisation. Also they tend to use their regular stand up material. So if you had seen a recent shows of theirs the jokes can sound a bit repetitive.