Lego Store


I love Lego and decided to pay a visit to Lego Shop at Leicester Square.

I went there at around 6pm on a Saturday evening and the place was packed! So much so that it looked like a night club as there was a long queue in front of it. The only difference was almost all the couples have children with them! After waiting about 15 minutes in the queue I got in!

The store has 2 floors. The upper floors is larger and has more to see. But it also has a huge Big Ben made out of Lego blocks which on its own is something worth seeing.

The only disappointing part was there was nothing Mindstorms-related. There were Lego Technic models but nothing robotic.

The most adult model I could find in the store was this Harley Davidson:

I’ll post the final version after I build it completely.


Overall I enjoyed my visit. I don’t see myself going too often as there are only a few more models that peaked my interest. Other than those the stuff in the store is mostly geared towards children. Too bad they don’t have any Lego Mindstorms.