Remembering the First Days in the UK


I first set foot in the UK in October 2010, 9 years ago around this time.

It was a 10 day trip and I’ve been recently trying to remember the memories from that trip. I didn’t have a habit of blogging back then so this might be a good time to put those memories in record. Better late than never!

I may need to revise and update this. I’ll just put whatever I can remember for the time being.

October 2010


My first trip was about 10 days and I stayed in this hostel.

It was generally quite good so much so that I stayed in the same one in April 2011 for a few days until I found a place to rent.

Stables Market

While walking around in Camden Town I stumbled across this place and looked very interesting.

Almost by chance I bumbed into this place. Back then I didn’t know Camden was the craziest part of London. I’m planning another visit soon.


I went to 2 concerts during this trip: Motorhead in Manchester and Devildriver in London:

I’m glad I was able to catch a rock legend Motorhead live during this time. Devildriver was also quite energetic and fun.


I remember having a nice meal of Fish & Chips here after a long day of walking:

The view of Blackfriars Bridge and Thames is great and I will soon pay another visit.

April 2011

Pentland House

I initially stayed in YHA hostel like I did it in the previous trip. After a few days I rented a room in Pentland House which is also a hostel now!

Exploring the neightbourhood

My first night in Pentland House, I went out to explore the neighbourhood. I remember walking all the way to Catford and being impressed by the Cat statue in Catford.

Ronin 47 from Blockbuster

I remember on my way back I stopped by Blockbuster and bought Ronin 47 DVD for £5 and watched it in a 12.1” laptop.