A Trip to Norway - Day One


The trip

April 12

Arrived at Oslo at 22:45 local time. I had to wait a bit for the luggage but I was fortunate that mine was one of the first ones that came out of the carousel.

The most important thing at that point, and a great relief, was that my Internet connection was fine so Giffgaff didn’t fail me and the forum thread I posted in the preparations post was correct.

Next step was to get to the city centre. I was prepared for that as I had installed FlyToGet app and entered my card. As I had Internet connectivitiy I was prepared to buy a ticket straight from the app.

I was able to catch 23:30 FlyToGet express train. It’s super-convenient and highly recommended. From baggage claim I just followed the signs for Fly To Get. After I’ve arrived at the gates I purchased the ticket by simply clicking the Buy Ticket option in the app and scanned the QR code.

Waited a bit for the futuristic-looking train above. It was a pleasant ride. Especially I liked that everybody kept quiet. There were signs posted all around to keep it quiet anyway. I don’t know if it;’s the whole train or I just landed on a quiet car but 22 minute ride just flew by.

23:53. Oslo Centre. Time to find the hotel. I hate heavy-travelling with lots of bags. Unfortunately this time I had 2 bags to lug around. After I managed to pull them both with one hand, freeing the other for Google Maps, after a bit trial and error I was able to locate my hotel.

CityBox Oslo

I liked this hotel a lot. It’s quite cheap compared to others and that’s because they mostly automated eveything. It’s open 24 hours. You check-in at the machine in the lobby which prints you your key and an info sheet. There’s no room service or daily cleaning (which I like as I don’t want anyone going into my room anyway). No TV in the rooms (which is also fine in this case as I don’t speak Norwegian!).

Inside the elevator

I think this will be my first preference if I travel to Oslo again.

So after a very long day, I finally checked-in. Just went out for a some snacks and drinks. Then wrapped up the day while watching some pre-loaded videos on my iPad.

It is located close to city centre (approximately 1 km). It’s also surrounded by cafes and pubs which also makes it a bit noisy during the Friday night but I was so tired I fell asleep without any issues.

Oslo from my room

So far so good!