A Trip to Turkey: Part 2


This post is about more various pictures of Istanbul from my latest trip.


Another one of my favourite places. I spent years going back and forth on a ship between Besiktas and Kadikoy accompanied by countless seagulls!

View from the ship

View from the Besiktas pier

View from the Besiktas pier

Besiktas's symbol eagle

This is the first time I ever visited this museum and enjoyed my time there.


From Besiktas I took the bus to Taksim and walked along Istiklal Street all the way down to Galata and Cihangir.

Galata Tower


The next day I visited my family’s property at the countryside and enjoyed some fresh air and a small room my build as a bird sanctuary as he likes to spend some time in there. It’s quite refreshing and relaxing and hours may fly by just by watching the birds.