King's Cross


Living in South East London for quite a long time, I wasn’t quite familiar with King’s Cross area. Nowadays I’m travelling here more often and had some chance to take nice pictures.

There are some nice places all around and I will probably post more in the future. For now I just wanted to post some places I enjoyed:

Pancras Square

This is a nice luxurious business square. I guess the most impressive building here is Google’s new London headquarters

and some more pictures of the square:

Granary Square

This is a nice little square with little fountains:

Apparently if you download an app and connect to their WiFi you get to control the fountains but I haven’t tried it myself.

Coals Drop Yard

This shopping center has opened recently and it’s located right next to Granary Square:

Platform 9 3/4

Since it became so famous I wanted to drop by and see the famous platform but wasn’r very impressed by it to be honest. It’s just a simple plague on the wall. I don’t get what the fuss is all about!

Views from a rooftop

And here’s some shots from a terrace in a building in Pancras Square:


I published a post about Regent’s Canal which is adjacent to these places. There’s is more to King’s Cross than these and there’s Camden nearby which is also a very interesting place. I’m hoping to spend some time to travel more areas in this neighbourhood and publish more.