Run to the hills, run for your life!

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Although that’s a great song from Iron Maiden, the topic of this post is different. The topic is my new running gadget Garmin ForeRunner 10:

Garmin Forerunner

It is a simple and basic device but has all the functionality I need: Measure distance and time. In addition to that it comes with a software that allows you to upload your run info to Garmin Connect and you can keep track of your progress.

Once you install the software all you need to do is connect the device to your computer with the provided USB adapter and click Upload on the UI. It scans the device and uploads the new activities.


Then you can go to Analyze –> Activities where you can analyze individual runs or you can go to your Dashboard to view your current status like your records etc.


I’m definitely delighted with this gadget. It currently costs £84 on Amazon. Not the cheapest gadget and also there are free alternatives like RunKeeper app but it is still well worth the money. The only problem was it cannot determine the position very easily. I had a warm up walk for about 5 minutes and during this time it couldn’t pinpoint my location. Before I could start running I had to stand still for about a minute but once it finds it I didn’t have any problems during my run. Granted that I used it only one time as it came yesterday but my initial impression is that it is a great tool and very motivating for running. So highly recommended.