Notes on Download Festival 2013

Heavy Metal

Finally I have seen Download Festival. Here’s my experiences:



The coach ride from London Victoria to festival area took around 3.5 hours. It was a very quite ride. I was lucky to get the front seat of the bus so my view was pretty good during the journey. It was generally cloudy during the trip but started to rain as soon as we arrived! First thing I noticed was it was a huge area. Even the walk from coach stop to festival area took forever (probably because I was carrying a fairly heavy luggage under the rain). First order of business is obviously setting up the tent. It took 15 minutes of walking to find an empty spot. I could only find one in the farthest camping area. So, if you are planning to go to this festival, make sure you arrive a day before the festival. When I was done with setting up my (unnecessarily complicated) tent it was 4pm already and I already missed a few bands I wanted to see like Papa Roach.


The main problem with this festival is that it is spread over a huge area and getting to the arena from camping site was taking me 30 minutes of on foot. There was supposed to be shuttle busses but I think they were not operational. Another major problem was the logistics. There weren’t enough toilets. I remember waiting 35 minutes in a toilet queue which was simply wasteful. And they weren’t even close to my camping site, I had to walk a few minutes to get to the nearest one.



OK, so after a rather disappointing start let’s get to the fun part. Immediately after I marked my territory I ran down to the arena. The first band I could catch was Philip Anselmo’s (ex-Pantera) Down. The band is certainly not among my favourite ones and they once again reminded me why they weren’t! Some songs are fine but overall I felt bored. I just miss old Pantera!

Next band I saw was Korn. I’ve been listenning them since I was 18 or something like that but this was the first time I saw their live performance. They opened up with Blind which is the first Korn song that I’ve ever listened to so it was quite a good start. I think it was a good set list and enjoyed their performance. The next band on the main stage was Bullet For My Valentine. I had no idea how they got a better spot than Korn and they meant nothing to me. But I was too tired to wander around so I just stood there and watched them. Actually I was just trying to kill time until Slipknot took the stage.


Then came the Slipknot! My first live experience with them and it was well worth it. They are one of the best bands around to watch live. I was lucky that a moshpit was formed where I stood so even though I was far away from the stage I could feel that I was in a real heavy metal show! They simply rocked! At one point Corey Taylor said there were 90.000 people in there which blew mind off!


After resting during the night I was prepared for another day of heavy metal but the weather got worse. It rained almost all night and morning turning everywhere a big pile of mud. First band of the day for me was called Young Guns. They sounded like a regular rock band. Not bad but nothing special either.

At this point, I had a bag in my hand because I bought an official festival T-Shirt and I wanted to go back to my tent to leave it. When I arrived to my tent the weather was so bad I decided to take a nap in the comfort of my tent so I missed a few bands but I don’t regret it.

When I got back to festival area, it was Motorhead time! Lemmy was magnificent as always. I still don’t understand a band like Queens of the Stone Age had a better spot on the main stage. They were just pointless and boring! Anyway, time for the the headliner of the evening: Iron Maiden! I had seen them before a few times but they have so much material that they played a show that I have never seen before! This time they only played songs from Iron Maiden (1980) to Fear of the Dark (1992). The last time I watched them was at Wacken 2010 and they played only songs mostly from their post-Brave New World era so it was like seeing the old Maiden for the first time for me.

Iron Maiden


Started with a very nice sunny weather. After a nice not-so-healthy breakfast I had my plan laid out. I was going to start the day with Hellyeah. I like this band a lot but unfortunately they had very limited time. 25 minutes wasn’t surely enough for them and it was very early in the afternoon but I still enjoyed their strong performance a lot. A good jumpstart for the day!

Headed back to the main stage to see Coal Chamber. I didn’t even know they had reunited. But it was nice to see them for the first time. They played a short set but full of their popular songs. Next band in my list was Five Finger Death Punch. They turned out to be one of my favourite bands in the whole festival. Their frontman Ivan Moody is quite chatty and friendly. I guess one of the most remarkable moments in the festival was when he called all the kids in the audience to the stage and chatted with them. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this band.

Five Finger Death Punch

Next came Amon Amarth. After a short walk to the The Zippo Encore Stage I started waiting for them. Because of some technical difficulties they were a  few minutes late which shortened their already short set. They only played 4 songs one of which is from their upcoming album. It was nice to see them as always so no complaints. I wish they had a better spot. They surely deserve it.

Amon Amarth

Back to the main stage I started watching Stone Sour but didn’t mean much to me so decided to head to bar which seemed to be a better usage of my time!

One of the bands I wanted to see from the get-go was Newsted!  Jason Newsted’s new band is a traditional heavy/trash metal band. They are about to release their debut album and they played a few songs from it which was nice. Their last song was a huge surprise for me: Whiplash! Half of the tent turned into a mosh-pit and the crowd went insane (including yours truly!). It was a good show and this band form me is another gain from this festival. Before the headliner, they placed a stupid band called Thirty Seconds From Mars. I think the name itself is pretty explanatory about the performance of the band: Meaningless! Skipped them immediately to get the last load of the festival before the closing headliner.

The last headliner of Download 2013 was Rammstein. This was my second time with them. I had so high hopes about their show but it was very much like what I’ve seen in Istanbul in 2010. So I definitely was not impressed with it.



My conclusion is that I will not attend to another Download ever again! The main reason is it’s huge and so crowded. I hate waiting in queues and here you have to wait in queues for everything. For toilets, for beer, for food! Everything! There is no place to sit, not much place even to sit on the ground. Granted there are lots of band options but also it means that some of your favourite bands are bound to overlap. Also huge festival area means you have to walk hours from camping site to arena and from one stage to another. Although it was a good exercise still nothing to enjoy in your vacation.