Zero Day


I recently finished reading Mark Russinovich’s technothriller or cyberthriller novel Zero day.

Zero Day

Frankly speaking I wouldn’t expect such an intriguing book from such a high-talented technical person. The book does not require any technical skills to follow. The main idea behind the book is very compelling itself. The world we live in is tied up and bound to computers that any attack to cripple our digital lives also would have a huge impact on every aspect of our lives.

I personally enjoyed the fast pace of the book. Even though it’s not a technical book it’s closely related and a real mind-opener. It sure convinced me to invest more of my time on security since it would be catastrophic both on personal and professional levels (Image you’re a Sony developer that is responsible for one of those hacks!). The only thing that i don’t like about the book is perfect characters. Our heroes are both athletic, gorgeous and genius! They have it all. It’s not envy (or maybe a little) but I’d prefer Sue and Vlad as my heroes! They sound more real and personable to me.

I heard that Mark Russinovich is working on the sequel of the novel. Well, my guess is this time it will contain botnets and Chinese hackers since to me it sounds like a huge threat. Of course, we’ll wait and see…