First Election in the UK


Casted my first vote in the UK in General Election 2019. A few observations:

  • Apparently this is an unusual time for a general election. The last general election held in December was in 1923.
  • They give you a pencil instead of a pen or a stamp. This is due to the fact that ink can smear and can void the ballot paper. But if you prefer to use a pen you can bring one yourself.
  • You receive a polling card before the election that gives you information about where you should cast your vote. You are not required to bring that card or any ID with you to the polling station (in England at least - turns out you do have to have your card and a photo ID in Northern Ireland)
  • I was at the polling station at about 7:10 and was done in about 5 minutes. There were only 2 people ahead of me at the time but when I was leaving the queue was about of 10-15 people. So it matters when you vote.