A Trip to Sweden - Day Four


Day 4 - Tuesday, 23 July 2019:

  • On this day I decided to go to Gamla Stan early when there was not too many people around. So that I can take a better look and shop some souvenirs too.

  • Then I took a guided walking tour. It’s nice to walk around on your own but you learn a lot more with a guide.

  • Next stop I decided to walk around a bit more and visit the Royal Palace.

  • Going over the Stockholm Pass guide book I noticed a 2.5 hour archipelago boat tour. It’s free with Stockholm Pass and I took it as well. It was truly beautiful!

  • In the evening I decided to go to Cosmopol Casino which is run by state and the only official casino in Stockholm. The security is very tight and you have to have your passport with you. After a few hours and losing around SEK 200 I realized that it’s not my cup of tea!

  • To explore nightlife I stopped by Sodermalm which is said to be rich with clubs and bars. I just walked around and I completely agreed with that statement! It was full of pubs and bars all along the road. I was tired to stop by for a drink but it looks like a nice place to do so.

  • And with this I concluded Day 4. Went to bed to prepare my final day and leave this beautiful city behind!