A Trip to Sweden - Day Three


Day 3 - Monday, 22 July 2019:

  • Plan for the day is to see the main museums: Vasa Museum, Viking Museum and Technology & Science Museum. Took the usual commuter train and metro to city centre and walked to the museum area.

  • First museum I visited was Vasa Museum. Vasa was built to impress at the time. It was meant to be the mightiest ship in all Europe. Unfortunately it only managed to sail for 20 minutes and sank in a few minutes. Apparently, according to our guide, the reason for the sinking was that it was too high and it was very top-heavy because of the double gun decks.

  • Next museum was The Viking Museum. I was especially excited about this one as I’m fond of Viking history. This museum is a bit smaller than I anticipated but had a very nice exhibit that you get on a amusement-park like car and go through a tunnel where a story is told in with vivid animations. I don’t know if they change the stories eveyr now and then but I’ll check it out again even if it’s the same story it’s worth a second ride.

  • Next museum was The Nordic Museum which has exhibitions and items about Nordic life in general. There was a nice park and cemetary between the two museums:

  • I was expecting more about Vikings in the Nordic Museum but generally it’s much broader than that specific era.

  • Next and final stop was The Science and Technology Museum which was a bit far away. I decided to walk anyway and took some pictures along the way

  • I was expecting more “serious” scientific information from The Science and Technology museum but it looked like it’s tailor towards children as evidenced but lots of playgrounds to experience robots and the abundance of kids! Even so it was a nice museum to visit anyway.