A Trip to Sweden - Day Two


Day 2 - Sunday, 21 July 2019:

  • Didn’t start early today. Now that I knew where to change trains and how to get to city centre, I took the tram from Sickla Kaj, changed to metro at Arstaberg. Easy peasy!

  • One advantage of Stockholm Pass is that it allows free access to lots of transportation and activities. There are Hop On/Off buses and boats which you have unlimited access with Stockholm Pass. I think having a general overview of the city is a good idea before going into detail. So I hopped on one of those busses and spent a few hours around the city.

  • The hop on/off bus made a whole circle around the city and returned to its departure point.
  • Next I decided to visit National Museum as it was the closest attraction at that point.

  • After the National Museum I decided to take another hop on/off tour but on boat this time. Stockholm is built on 14 islands and there are a lot of different boat tours. Hop on/off ones are the shortest and most frequent ones. It’s a bit short but it is a nice sightseeing experience especially when the weather permits.

  • After the boat tour I was feeling tired. I got off the boat at where Vasa Museum is located but it was around 16:30 and I didn’t to rush my visit (It closes at 18:00 and Stockholm Pass is valid for a single pass only for any given attraction except hop on/off tours). So I just walked around took a few more pictures and headed home.

  • I was glad I got home early as it started to rain quite heavily.