A Trip to Sweden - Preparations


Cotinuing my Scandinavia trips I’ll be visiting Stockholm, Sweden next. Here are some notes on my research and preparations:


Hotel room with a kitchen

I don’t want to eat out as it’s unnecessarily costly. I booked a room in Biz Apartment Hammarby Sjostad. Looks a bit outside the city centre. The main advantage is its quite affordable and it has a kitchen with a small fridge and microwave. As long as there are some convenience stores in the neighbourhood I should be able to feed myself without eating out.

Stockholm Pass

Just like Oslo Pass, Stockholm Pass has a similar scheme. It offers a 5-day pass which is the exact duration of my stay so works great for me. You can add a TravelCard as well which goes up to 72 hours. So for a 5-day Stockholm Pass it adds 2 x 3 day travel cards. I selected to collect it in Stockholm in which case they send you an email with a voucher. It needs to be printed and used at collection point.

Download offline Google Maps of Stockholm

As in Norway, I expect to have good mobile Internet coverage in Sweden but it’s always a good practice to prepare. I’ve downloaded entire Stockholm area and it only costs 170 MB so it’s just a matter of minutes to download it all.


Just searched Stockholm in the App Store and downloaded all related apps. It’s hard to prepare for everything for a city that I’ve never been before but I’m sure they will make more sense when I’m there.


Before my Norway trip I bought £1,000 worth of Norwegian Kroners which was way too much because I used Apple Pay everywhere. The problem with that is my local bank charged me quite a bit for each and every transaction I made in Norway. So I think a better approach is to buy less cash and make sure to spend it all in.

In Norway, I spent £380 with Apple Pay and my bank charged me £15 in total for all the transactions. This time I already paid for hotel so I don’t expect major expenditures.

This time I bought 2800 Swedish Krona which is about £246 worth. My goal is to sepnd it all but not need any card transactions.

Places to Visit

It helps to do some research prior to landing to your destination especially if you’re on your own. This way you can have some guidelines and still have some room to improvise.

Here’s an initial draft of places I’m planning to visit:

  • Vasa Museum
  • Tantolunden Park
  • Tour: Old Town (Gamla Stan) & Riddarholmen
  • The Royal Palace
  • Vikingaliv