A Trip to Norway - Misc Notes and Observations


Turban day

April 13th was Turban Day in Oslo. Apparently it’s been an ongoing organisation for 10 years. I think it’s a nice gesture to embrace other cultures and promote diversity

Nice number plate

Scooters everywhere

First time I saw one of these I thought somebody abandoned theirs but turns out it’s like city bikes. They are everywhere and you need a QR code to activate them. I haven’t tried one of them but surely looks like a fun way to ride around the city.

Max Burgers Ordering Machines

This is not a widely known fast-food franchise (and I’m glad it’s not as they have very rude staff!) but I like the ordering system a lot. You simply order and pay at the machine and pick up from the counter. Couldn’t be simpler.

Hotel’s Surroundings

I loved my hotel, CityBox Oslo, as they intentionally cut down all the luxuries and hence making it quite cheap in a central location. But apparently I wasn’t the only one who liked that area:

Double red man in traffic lights

The traffic lights have double red man. Apparently this is to ensure if one of them goes out you can still see it’s red. Redundancy is helpful and safer!

OsloPass is a must-have for free museums and public transportation.

Also FlyToGet made it extremely easy for me to get to the city centre and back to the airport. These were the apps I had on my phone for this trip:


I shopped at Way Nor and Norway Shop and liked both places because of the number of options and kind and helpful staff.

Mixed gender royal guards

It’s interesting to see female soldiers in the arms and as part of the royal guards:

LCD Labels

In one of the supermarkets I noticed they had LCD displays as price labels. Being rich is something else!

National Museum coming in 2020

It’s currently being moved and it will be re-opened in a new location next year

View from the hotel cafe

Just how the city looks while waiting for my pizza:

Tips to self for the next trip

  • I had 2 luggages which made it very hard to find my way around. Try to have 1 large luggage so that you can keep one hand available to use the phone for navigation.
  • I could have easily made it with no cash. But Lloyd’s bank charges a lot of extra charges for overseas transactions. The problem with leftover cash, on the other hand, is you lose a lot of money because of the exchange rates. If it was Euros, I would have kept them but since Norwegian Krones aren’t valid anywhere else I lost money when converted back to British Pounds. So I guess the ideal way is to have some small amount of cash and make sure to spend it all including the coins as they will be completely worthless once out of the country.