A Trip to Norway - Pubs and Bars


The night life in Slo seems to be rich and lively. They especially seem to be fond of clubs. I like quiet places mostly and preferred rocks bars (at quiet times) and pubs in the afternoon.

Revolver Rock Bar

While walking around, I bumped into this place which was one of the places in my list. It plays very soft rock music, the staff is quite rude and a 0.5L beer cost me 91 kroner (£7.5) so not a great visit but something to cross off my list at least.

This was the first bar I’ve been to in Oslo and I thought the beer expensive but apparently the worse was yet to come.

Hard Rock Cafe Oslo

It was a Sunday afternoon and it was empty which was great. Some good music, a few photos and a good chance to rest my tired feet!

I’d never been to a Hard Rock Cafe before. I’m not into collecting their collectible stuff so stayed away from the gift shop but it’s a nice bar overall.

The Scotsman

Looks like there were quite a few English-names places in Oslo. The Scotsman is one of them. Located on the high street, it gives you a nice chance to observe people outside while sipping your beer. Heating was nice so even in cold it’s perfectly fine to sit outside.

Sir Winston’s Public House

Very nice and authentic-looking pub. Like the Scotsman it’s located on the same street a few doors down and gives a good view of the street.

If you’re right next to the street, you constantly get harassed by gypsies trying to sell you magazine (probably a loophole around begging for money). Even they speak English though!

The Lannisters

The name is quite catchy. I haven’t been to this one but mabe next time…